Web2Print: The Easiest Solution to Get Personalized Printing

  • By Mihir Shah
  •   Web to Print

    Gone are the days when you had to depend on the desktop printing (DTP) and traditional design tools. Continuous assistance of graphic designers is not a mandatory thing even. The emergence of Web2Print (web-based printing business) has created a steep increasing demand curve in the printing market and this system works wonder in personalized printing.

    T-shirts, hard cover books, business cards, brochures are the segments where the Web2Print or the print e-commerce runs with super success. Now-a-days varied online business card designer tools are there. Online business card designer software enables end-users to make the changes in templates and content. But you don’t need to install any extra software. Web2Print is there for commercial users to general public. The goal is to make the buyer author work and change the typeface, images and layout.

    Five Primary Reasons for Choosing Web2Print

    1. 24 Hours’ Access: You can access your proofs, add designs, and perform real time editing any time of the day.
    2. Real Time Pricing: You would always get to know what billing to expect. It offers real time cost analysis reports.
    3. Multiple Print Run: There are options to save past documents. So multiple prints run and creating new documents based on previous template is easy.
    4. Back-up: There is always an ensured dual back-up for data protection.
    5. Browser Compatibility: The business is compatible with all major PC and Mac browsers.

    For general public, Web2Print is unparallel to get the most personalized works done. For companies and commercial users, this technology is ideal if the company wants to minimize cost in printing and want to have a control over the printing needs. If a company wants to renew the business cards of the employees’ then Web2Print technology is the best way for cost cutting. Online business card designer software provides access to private or public online catalogue where last minute changes to prepress template are possible.

    The current market survey by the companies like MyPrintCloud.com shows how Web2Print has come up with the option of designing directly on the website using rich user interfaces. The customers get the benefits of direct cross media marketing, variable data printing (VDP), photo printing etc. These advantages make Web2Print a clear winner in the modern printing industry.