Web to Print Software and CRM – Understanding Your Customers Better!

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    web to print softwareA good web to print software helps Printers to simplify their online print ordering and tracking process by offering personalized experience to their customers. With the increasing competition in online print shops, it is indeed a tough challenge to retain existing customers and win new business prospects for your online business.

    The challenge can be overcome by understanding what your customers want from you. Time has come, where you need to make your printing business personal for your customers in order to stand out from the crowd. This can be done by keeping a record of your customer’s data and using this customer knowledge for improving customer retention, building a more loyal customer base, and increasing ROI. A good web to print software with an integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module helps you to achieve the above goals.

    MyPrintCloud’s Premium Web to print solution with integrated CRM allows you to store complete profile of your customers by dedicating a unique account to each customer. You can also store huge amount of customer’s data without any hassle. MyPrintCloud’s CRM comes with following built-in functionalities providing you as a printer, ability to meet up with all customer needs:

    1. Tracking and Maintaining Customer Online Behavioral Data

    With MyPrintCloud’s Tracking and Maintaining Customer Online Behavioral Data, you can collect information about your customers and keep track of their online behavior. This data helps to understand customer needs and preferences, essential for acquiring and keeping customers engaged with your online print business.

    With this data, you can keep track of the buying pattern of customers such as which time of the year they ordered, types of products they are interested in buying, template designs (theme/style) they prefer. With this information in hand, you can give them more options for matching products or matching sets of theme/style and also show them what other people who ordered this product purchased besides this. This lets them see the related products that people are actually buying. Because of features like these it is common for customers to buy more products thus ensuring a more profitable purchase for buyer (in this case Printer).

    Tracking online behavior and using the up- selling technique has become the most effective means for most online shops to understand what is on top-of-mind for their target customers at that particular instance. This enables your print store, to not just look after your customer, but also try and create a true relationship of understanding and confidence.

    2. Sales Pipeline and Tracking

    With MyPrintCloud’s Sales Pipeline and Tracking facility, your sales people can track all online/offline inquiries and build quotes and estimates. Sales persons try to convert prospects into actual leads (customers) by answering to these queries and getting the right quotation for each purchase. With Sales Pipeline and Tracking functionality, you can also carry out an analysis on in-complete and abandoned carts and identify the key areas of improvement within your sales pipeline.

    In addition to this, MyPrintCloud’s CRM offers a variety of different ways to relate to your customers such as Emails, FAQs, Surveys (with customer’s wish list) and Testimonials.

    Integrating these features helps you to satisfy your customers and differentiate your web to print storefront from the others.

    3. E-marketing Campaigns

    With MyPrintCloud’s E-marketing campaign facility, you can send e-mail messages and newsletters with the purpose of acquiring new customers to buy print from you or convince customers who have already ordered from your web to print storefront to make another purchase. You can announce a new launch, promote seasonal offerings or invite customers to attend a webinar using a well designed e-mail marketing campaign. You can inform your customers about special discount offers by sending personalized emails for products that they typically buy from you.

    Sending a personalized email to customers helps to increase response rates and build customer loyalty.

    4. Calendar and Events

    MyPrintCloud’s built-in functionality of Calendar and Events is used internally, for personal management of your company’s employees enabling them to organize, schedule, and manage their work effortlessly. It helps them to stay up-to-date on company events while focusing on their respective jobs and maximizing sales opportunities.

    Using the Calendar facility, your employees are better informed on upcoming targets and reach out to their customers more effectively than ever before.

    5. Website Analytics (Upcoming Feature)

    MyPrintCloud aims at providing a website analytic tool such as Google Analytics to offer Printers the capability to look at how customers use their online print store and transit between pages on their site. This will provide them an in-depth analysis for every customer interaction and experience that takes place on their web to print storefront. The analysis will be made on factors such as demographicsbehaviournew users versus returning usersvisitors flowpage views and average time spent by each customer on various pages etc. Now there is no need for you to buy third party CRM tools which are expensive and difficult to integrate.

    MyPrintCloud’s Web to Print Software and CRM gives you unlimited opportunities for serving your customers and winning loyal clientele for your printing business, today and always!