Web to Print Implementation Strategy

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    Welcome to our first newsletter series, titledWinning Business Online with Web to print”. This series provides insight in to the changing position of the print industry and suggests a strategy for conventional print companies to adapt Web to print within their existing organizations. Web to print is fast becoming a defacto standard across the print industry and is a MUST for Printers who have to stay ahead of the purchasing demands of their customer.

    This newsletter series carves out a step by step transition from traditional print ordering to ordering online with Web to print.

    Chapter1: Are you ready for a new age of digital economy?

    Provides an insight into changes brought about by the digital economy and how printers can best embrace the exciting change.

    Chapter 2: How to motivate your staff for the positive change? 

    Highlights the benefits of having your print business online and how to inspire your staff to accept this new change.

    Chapter 3: Moving successfully to an online business  

    Identifies ground rules that must be defined and applied in true sense while creating a meaningful strategy for going online.

    Chapter 4: Lead From the front 

    Highlights the need for a good leader who can measure business results ansd take strategic decisions for the smooth transition to Web to print.

    Chapter 5: Get online quickly and start adjusting to a new way of shipping print

    Lists the simplest path required to get on with the first pilot run of a Web to print solution along with the expected teething problems and their solutions.

    Chapter 6: Choosing the right technology solution for your business  

    Focuses on factors that all Printers must keep in mind when choosing a web to print solution that fits their business needs best.

    Chapter 7: Fuse all your ordering and production systems into a single solution 

    Explains the final integration of your printing business with web to print solution and considerations that must be kept in mind once the entire system is integrated as one.

    Chapter 8: Improve processes and increase automation (Due for Release – 28th August, 2012)

    Provides an insight into how data collection of business processes in production workflow can increase efficiency.

    Chapter 9: Focus less on sales and more on customers’ needs 

    Discusses the importance of understanding your customers’ requirements and expectations first and then applying right skills to overcome these challenges.

    Chapter 10: Profitable returns with Web to print

    Highlights how web to print storefronts and online ordering system helps Printers to eliminate steps that cost money and acquire a better return on investment.

    Chapter 11: What to ask your vendor when going Web to print? 

    Different solutions offer different capabilities. This chapter lays the fundamental questions that a Printer must ask when looking for a web to print solution.


    Web to print opens up new opportunities for Printers who are ready to embrace the change and stay at the forefront of innovation.  Printers can quickly adapt and start benefitting by moving some of their core ordering channels online.