Web to Print Technology – Top Reasons to Revamp your Print Business


printDigital storefronts and online ordering capability is now a standard for successful printers. Commercial printers cannot afford to lack on this aspect in this era where technology is taking every business to web. It is the need of hour for printers to revamp their print business in consonance with modern technology to increase production and to be more profitable.

Digital storefronts and online ordering capability is an improved user experience for Print customers.  Print customers get along only with those printers who can provide a user-friendly online platform to interact and get print jobs done without physically visiting printers.

Ability to order print online and get it delivered right at doorstep is only one of many obvious benefits. There is a long list of other benefits that convince printers to adopt web to print technology immediately without any delay.

Let’s have a look on some obvious rewards that digital storefronts bring both for printers and customers.

  • Web to print technology streamlines the complete printing process from print estimating to proofing and order delivery to generating invoice. Automating the complete process and reducing human touch points, it eliminates errors and wastages thereby increasing profit margins.
  • Web to print software or PrintMIS being capable of integration with third party software allows printers to provide value added services to captivate customers and keep them engaged by giving them better control over their products, designs, and scheduling.
  • With print on demand, variable printing, customized templates, marketing collaterals and many other services, printers can play an important role in streamlining customer’s business processes boosting profitability of both parties.
  • With excessive customization and personalization capabilities, customers can maintain unique brand identity across all communication channels.
  • One of the most convincing benefits of web to print is added capability to serve many other sectors and industries. Print being the primary need of almost every business present printers with endless opportunities of creating new revenue streams. Printers can explore different niches and boost their sales up to 10 times by partnering with businesses such as healthcare institutions, educational institution, retailers, real estate dealers and many others to provide them with on-demand print services.

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