Tutorial 14 – Web to Print Inventory Management System

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     Managing Inventory

    Inventory management forms an important component to any web to print store or print production facility for managing, allocating, replenishing both finished goods and raw materials like paper, inks, cello and so on.

    inventory management forms for web to print business

    Inventory is utilized by both print brokers and printers alike and therefore inventory is linked to the product library utilized in web to print stores and products

    Stock Name –the stock suppliers full name of the stock, i.e. Knight White Teflon 300gsm

    Stock Code – the associated SKU reference or the product code provided by the supplier

    Stock Category – defines which category the inventory item will appear under. To add more inventory categories go to Settings, Inventory Categories.

    Inventory Category determines what options are seen when adding inventory, for paper controls, select Paper for goods to be used within a store select Miscellaneous 

    Paper Type (optional) define the type of paper supplied, including woven, matt, gloss, bond or silk

    Paper Type – Choose from Sheet or Roll to control the units of Measure available.

    Supplier– Select the supplier for this product, to add suppliers go to CRM -> suppliers -> add new supplier

    Status – defines if the stock is discontinued or available from the supplier.

    Cost / Price Tables

    Enter the raw sheet dimensions, Cost per number of sheets (usually per pack or thousand sheets) and how it comes packed. For loose sheets, leave blank.

    Enter the purchase price and intended sell price per pack or thousand sheets.

    Web to Print Pricing Tables Buy & Sell


    Paper Inventory only, defines the weight, color, ink abortion, basis area, and coating.  Ask your manufacturer if you’re unsure of any of these details.

    web to print properties


    Stock Control

    • In Stock – it includes all available stock on hand, including stock which has been allocated to current jobs in the queue.
    • Free Stock refers to stock which is currently unallocated to any pending orders.
    • Allocated refers to stock which is allocated to orders which have past been converted from an estimate or received as a web order.
    • On Order is stock that a purchase order has been sent the allocated supplier but has not yet been receipted into the warehouse.
    • Re Order Level MyPRINTCloud will auto-generate stock replenishment purchase orders to selected suppliers when the free stock falls below the specified level.
    • Last Qty Ordered value of the previous order to the supplier if placed manually or replenished via auto reorder form.
    • Last Order Date the last order that was placed with the supplier.
    • Location Warehouse where stock is held (Bay or physical location).
    • Re-Order Quantity is the amount the order will be placed with the supplier once the quantity drops below the re-order quantity.