Tutorial 11 – How to direct your Cloud Print MIS URL name to a Store?

  • By mpc
  •   Quick Start Guide

    Please follow the instructions below to point your domain to our server and then your store will be live using your domain.

    Re-direct your Domain name to your store:

    Please login into your cloud print mis domain registers’ admin panel and go to DNS management tool. Certain ISP’s also call it Domain zone file management tool.

    In that tool you will have to change the Address A records and point them to following IP address of server where your instance is deployed.

    IP address: (EU server )

    IP address: (Australian server )

    IP address: (USA Server)

    Important: Ensure you update the domain settings within the store as well in order to activate. (Open the store ->  Basic Settings -> Assign Domain Name)

    directing in cloud print MIS URL

    Important: Remember to re-direct www.yourdomainname.X and without the www.