Printers – Let’s Work with Retailers!


printEcommerce or online retail sector is growing day by day. Few months back ecommerce growth hit 2 months high as reported by business insider. During second quarter of 2016, ecommerce sales were reported $97 billion presenting 16% year over year growth, as mentioned by US department of ecommerce.

So we can anticipate bright prospects in online retail. With enhanced growth, competition is also increasing. To be successful in online retail space requires an optimized workflow that should enable retailers to put right product in front of right customer in a right packaging at the right time.

How can Printers Optimize Retailer’s Workflow?

Online retail stores have vast print requirements. Only if retailers focus on optimizing the print workflow, they can create a big difference. From packaging to logistics and distribution, and almost every business process, printing is required.

Here comes the role of printers. By providing quick and fast printing services, printers can exert a very positive impact on retail sector and in turn set a continuous and profitable revenue stream for themselves.

Web-to-print, JDF (Job Definition Format), and Print MIS integrations makes it possible for printers to integrate retailers workflow into their production workflow and create mutual benefits for both.

Normally, there are 4 areas across which retail organizations have to manage documents and for which they need quick print services.

  • Purchasing/stock Ordering: The purchasing or stock ordering business process involves printing such as bar code printing, QR codes, catalogs, employee scheduling and staff training manuals and documents.
  • Marketing: To create an immediate and long lasting impact on customers, get colorful and creatively designed marketing material (Brochures, Flyers, pamphlets) on high quality paper.
  • Point of Sale: Manage your point of sale with attractive print marketing material to grab customer’s attention and promote brands.
  • Logistics: After you receive an online order, you have to deliver it in a nice packaging with an invoice to customer. Get a personalized and branded packaging and invoice printed in a high quality form.

By outsourcing all print operations to a technology backed printer, retailers can have several benefits as listed below.

  • Reduced packaging waste
  • Reduction in staff handling
  • Increased speed to shelve
  • Pre-designed Artwork
  • Ability to design new artwork
  • Online repository of all printed material
  • Get print-on-demand services
  • Cost saving in comparison with traditional printing
  • Personalized and branded packaged printing
  • Reduction in operational expenses
  • High quality printing to induce great user experience

One of the major benefits that web to print gives both retailers and printers is cloud communication. They don’t need to make physical visits. Every process is done remotely in cloud. Retailers can be sure about what they will get in a printed form. No print will job will get into progress without the approval of retailer.

Both printers and retailers are convinced about the benefits of web-to-print. With web to print printers get great convenience, reduced cost and quick delivery of services and retailers get their printing requirements fulfilled in a convenient and affordable manner.

What should Printers and Retailers do?

Printers: Diversify into retail sector and create difference both in print and retail industry with your web to print backed printing operations.

Retailers: Get your printing operations done in the perfect way from the printers who are technologically strong (having web to print technology) to optimize your workflow and provide you with quick and efficient services.

MyPRINTCloud offers a comprehensive web to print solution that is guaranteed to help printers and retailers in improving operational efficiency, data privacy, shipment accuracy and compliance through high quality and quick print operations. Book a Demo to explore its further possibilities.