Tips for Selecting the Right Print Management System

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    Getting the right Print Management System for your printing business is similar to buying a pair of running shoes. Just like good running shoes have to be chosen to fit your feet perfectly to give you flexibility and support throughout your jogging stride;a good Print Management system will fit your business situation today and has the potential to support your business needs as it grows.

    Before you start looking for an ideal Print management system that suits your printing business, create a clear statement of what you require and your expectations from MIS. Selecting a good Print Management system, is a highly complex decision making process that can affect the whole operating procedure of your company and not just one.

    There are plenty of factors that must be taken in consideration when selecting management software for your business. Following list sets the buying criteria for selecting a long-lasting MIS solution essential to keep your print business running (in spite of the sturdy race).

    1.  Potential to Withstand all Weather Conditions

    Business today is changing every day. Printers have to really struggle to meet end to end. This is precisely why we see printers shutting down their business on weekly basis. New market conditions and production requirements force printing businesses to keep evolving. Selecting a management system that doesn’t have the flexibility to adjust to these changes can restrict growth of your company and put your business at stake.  Opt for a more robust solution that can withstand all weathers.

    2.  Core functionality

    A good salesperson has complete potential to delude you into buying a solution that is apparently simple to handle but functionally lacks depth. When buying, don’t get impressed with a nice looking invoice; check capability of the system to track alterations, generate reports and management of consignment inventories by carrying out reviews/RFPs for the software. Make a list of all vital processes within your organization and ask for an on-site demonstration of the Print management system that you are deciding to buy.

    3.  Product Stability

    People tend to sell untested solutions with software bugs and all kinds of design flaws. A wavering solution with bugs when integrated with your business can really put your printing company at risk. You don’t want your people “testing” the software while they are on their work.

    4.  Solution provider’s Primary Domain

    Choose a print management solution built with focus only on printing industry. Some solutions have been built to cover broader range of business such as general manufacturing. Such a solution may not provide utilization for your business in the long run and is likely to be inefficient in meeting up with your daily needs. Look for a solution provider that has noteworthy industry experience on their management, development and support staffs.

    5.  Capability to Expand and Integrate

    The best choice for print management system is one that has the potential to meet your today’s operational needs and provide expansion prospects for your business future. This includes ability to integrate with third party products and services like JDF-based integration, CIM and e-business tools. A solution that comes up-to the expectations of your business requirements today as well as meet up with your long-term goals is exactly what you should be looking for.

    6.  Training and Support

    Most commonly people opt for trainings that come at a low price. It is important to understand that training your staff is critical to smooth running of your business, because ultimately it is your staff that will be responsible for every good and bad. Choose advanced on-site trainings where your vendor gives sufficient time to equip your trainees with the required skills.

    In addition to this, your solution provider must be available for support 24/7, be it a simple query or grave issue at hand. While selecting Print management solution for your company, see on-line help and support options offered by providers. Just like having a flexible and scalable solution is important for a good business foundation, a reliable and quick to respond support is equally critical to make you a winner.

    MyPrintCloud’s Print Management System

    MyPrintCloud understands the significance of a stable print management system. Our product comes packed with management capabilities that enhances the overall productivity of ordering online and gives printing businesses, the power to adjust to changing business needs.

    MyPrintCloud uses the most robust web technologies to give you total control over every aspect of your print business by advanced estimation, scheduling, reporting and collaborating processes across sales, marketing and production teams.

    With enhanced enterprise productivity and management tools, MyPrintCloud’s Print management suite keeps you on top of your business with effective order processing, job production, billing information and shipping details as illustrated in the following workflow.

    Print Management System

    Whether it’s the Running shoes or Print Management System, don’t make an impulsive purchase, Buy what fits you best –Choose MyPrint Cloud!

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