How Online Printing Services Can Benefit Writers?

  • By Mihir Shah
  •   MPC, Printing Industry, Web to Print

    With the advent of internet worldwide, becoming a writer has become a significantly higher paying profession. Despite growing online readership, there still remains a dire need to reach out to audiences that don’t have access to internet or television. That’s where online printing services like MyPrintCloud come into play. They can help a writer print hard copies of their content, in a format of their liking, for circulation at practical and affordable costs.

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    Hard Copies of eBooks

    A lot of bloggers also write eBooks that are circulated almost exclusively online. These bloggers can reach larger audiences, without the hassles of traditional publishing standards. They can also sell hard copies of their work on demand, by putting it up on an online store and taking pre-orders. The possibilities are endless for bloggers and eBook writers partnering with online printing services like ourselves.

    Bulletins and Readers’ Experience

    Online reviewers, curators and publishers alike can boost readership in developing countries by publishing bulletins, brochures and books with total control over the design of their product. This would enable writers to make a statement with more than just their content. The experience of reading a hard copy is still unmatched even by the latest innovations in e-ink and display technologies. MyPrintCloud aims to help writers preserve this experience.


    By providing a platform on which writers would be able to design their book, flyer, brochure or any other marketing material, MyPrintCloud would not only help writers reach larger audiences but also benefit people who don’t have access to internet by providing printed material curated from online blogs, forums and educational websites, by writers.


    Apart from that, online printing can help writers market themselves and their work better. Our online business card designer tool and custom t-shirt printing online designer tool are highly recommended by existing customers for high-quality, affordable and customizable merchandise.

    Growing online readership doesn’t necessarily mean that the demand for hard copies is insignificant. MyPrintCloud would be an excellent solution for aspiring writers to reach wider audiences with complete control over the design of the published material and promoting the service.