MyPRINTCloud – Efficient and Effective Print Sales Management

The web2print industry is continually evolving and expanding because of the evolutionary impact it is having on the print industry.  As more and more printers are learning about the benefits of web to print, the competition in print industry is getting fierce. Managing sales, acquiring online customers and retaining the existing ones is now one of the major challenges the printers are facing today.

Sales management is an integral part of any business. For a significant rise in sales, it is essential to keep a close eye on all sales activities to ensure your sales representatives are pulling the right leads down to their sales funnel and converting them into buying customers successfully. All sales persons are required to effectively organize their time and make the desired efforts to move potential customers to the next stage of your sales process. Thus, for the printers to stay ahead in industry, they need to adopt a web2print solution with extensive sales supporting and marketing features.

MyPRINTCloud web2print solution is available as a software as a service (SAAS). Being cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere using any tablet or mobile device. Integrated with a Print MIS management system, it is loaded with the sales supporting features that will allow efficient sales management and let your sales team to effectively track jobs, provide quotes, register tickets and provide support.

MyPRINTCloud has three integrated modules that help printers in carrying out sales activities efficiently and effectively.

web 2 print software solution

Customer Relationship Management Module in Print MIS

MyPRINTCloud’s CRM system streamlines all stages of the sales process. It manages the printer’s interaction with customers and sales prospects. Automating the administrative tasks, it enables the sales reps to spend more time on taking care of existing customers, attracting new leads, and persuading former clients to return and reduce the costs of marketing and client service. In addition to this, the CRM allows you to

  • Store complete profiles of your customers and their order history.
  • Offer all customers (new and existing) with their own personalized web to print store.
  • Offer customers specific products and services that they regularly order.




Sales Inquiries and Pipeline Module

Sales people can track their online/offline inquiries and build quotes and estimates enabling them to have a better handle on which products, services and prospects to focus on.

Some of the key functions of the Sales Inquiries and Pipeline module.

  • Carry out detailed analysis on incomplete and abandoned carts
  • Identify key areas of improvement within your sales pipeline.
  • Evaluate Actual achieved and Targeted Sales for each sales personnel’s
  • Access up-to-date reporting on all prospects and customers.
  • Identify prospects who rarely order or when they last order.
  • Re-engage outstanding Inquiries.
  • Engage with all your prospects regularly with E-mails, FAQs, Survey (with customer’s wish list) and Testimonials.




With MyPrintCloud’s E-marketing campaign facility, you can send e-mail messages and newsletters with the purpose of acquiring new customers to buy print from you.

You can:

  • Announce a new launch.
  • Promote seasonal offerings.
  • Invite customers to attend a webinar.
  • Inform customers of special discount offers by sending personalized emails for products that they typically buy from you.

At MyPrintCloud, we understand that winning customers’ trust and confidence is most important to ensure greater sales and our Sales Inquiries and Sales Pipeline modules guarantee complete satisfaction for the customer.

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