Must have features for Printers in Estimating!

calculator-178127_960_720Print estimating is an indispensable function of Managed Print Business. Estimating basically is a complex process that collects job related data and propose a selling price on basis of cost of labor and material for a specific print job or project.

Estimating is the foremost step in winning a Print customer. A customer usually prefers to go with the Printer who offers super quick and accurate estimate. So the top most thing that Printers look in an estimating software is capability to produce quick and accurate estimates because a little delay can move a customer away.

The complexity of the process goes to this extent that it is really hard to do it manually. Printers usually use particular estimating software for calculating estimates. But finding the best and affordable estimating software that can produce reliable and fast estimates is just like bringing stars from sky.

It is important for Printing companies to apprehend the shifting paradigm of Print business. The estimating software considered best in 2010 is no more viable because of the changed business aura.

According to the research led by RIT School of Media Sciences, Printing companies are scavenging for the estimating software that are quick, user-friendly and affordable. To meet the estimating challenges, modern printers are seeking estimating software that is:


  • Accessible anywhere any time. It should be so easy to use that it can also be used by new and less skilled employees without any special training.
  • Attuned to the specific production platform and workflow of individual printing firms.
  • Creates an estimate that reflects the total cost and the particular profit margin as targeted by the printing firm.
  • Can be integrated into production workflow thereby eradicating the need to re-enter the data again and again as the print job goes through processing.
  • Produce quick estimates and enable sales workers to handle simple estimates in real-time.
  • Should be flexible enough to quickly accommodate any alteration to job specifications during the printing cycle.
  • Should be especially optimized for two main types of estimates; standard and complex request for proposals. Simple estimates should be streamlined in such a way that the individual with the least experience may also handle it and produce estimates within minutes.
  • For complex estimates having multiple and external components, the system should be able to integrate third party estimates seamlessly into workflow and improves management.
  • The data entry for complex RFQ should be completely automated. May be it can retrieve basic information of a repeat client from database.
  • Estimating systems should be completely compliant with the industry standards, e.g. Job definition format. The estimates produced by compliant systems can easily be converted into job orders without the need of entering information again.


Summarizing the research, Printers are looking for the estimating systems that are accessible, easy to use and have optimized workflow.

Choose the estimating software carefully as even a little loophole in estimating process or software can adversely impact the timeliness, accuracy and reliability of the estimate thereby hurting the customer confidence and creating financial loss to the printer.

MyPrintCloud’s PrintMIS has an integrated estimating module. It has intelligent pricing and best-press wizards through which Printers can create accurate estimates within minutes. It has a comprehensive library of lookup tables to account for most estimating calculations.

Utilize the 100% cloud based interface of MyPRINTCloud to respond to customer’s estimates on the road or even directly in front of your client, by bringing the quote on their desk faster and more accurate than any of your competitors.


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