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    For a successful Web to print deployment, a good leader plays an essential role within an organization. Best leaders always lead from the front, with attributes like advocacy, commitment and true dedication.

    It is necessary to understand that web to print implementation is more about leading the organization to a new way of doing business instead of just a technological change. The leader must not get overshadowed by the technology; instead he should stay focussed on taking the project forward along with his team and convince everyone to accept this transition wholeheartedly.

    A leader is required to take up following roles during the time of web to print deployment within an organization:

    Leadership Roles

    The leader as a commander

    Just like a ship’s captain is responsible to keep the ship away from too shallow or turbulent waters, a leader in a print organization must ensure that this transition to online world is smooth and beneficial for everyone. He needs to set a business direction (implement the online strategy) and guarantee ROI for the company, as a result of this shift from traditional print ordering to online ordering with web to print.

    The leader as a conductor

    In the times of transition, a leader takes up a conductor role and ensures each person is assigned the roles and tasks that best match his or her talents, skills, experience and interests. As a leader, you “orchestrate” your people to enable your business to prosper. Web 2 print is a new path for your company; it is role of a good leader to employ the right people for right tasks at the right time.

     The leader as a decision maker

     It’s the job of leaders to navigate the ship through rough tides with commitment and skills, as well as ensure the same level of commitment and skills from people under his command. A leader as a decision maker stays honest throughout, taking his entire company in confidence and reveals them with the correct picture of the present situation. By keeping the online strategy in mind, he looks for the right vendor and chooses the right solution for business and customers.

    “The key difference… is not to just ask customers what they want but to deeply understand the customers–their motivations, their needs, and most important, the job they are trying to get done… Thomas Edison stated that `I find out what the world needs. Then I go ahead and try to invent it’.”     

    Good leaders are more willing to invest in and work through problems. They lead your way out of the wrong technology (as quickly as possible), look for better options and never repeat their mistakes again.

    A forward looking leader identifies a situation where he is stuck because of choosing a wrong web to print solution that does not align well with his business strategy. In such circumstances, he steps back and does not hesitate to consider a restart. He re-starts his search for the right vendor with a clearer web to print strategy and leads his organization all the way from manual ordering to self service ordering system.


    The print market today is bursting with plenty of web to print solutions embedded with heavy printing equipments available in all kinds of pricing by major print engine manufacturers. A word of caution is not to go for cheap alternatives because it comes free with some equipment deal as they do not fulfil every Printer’s specific business needs and strategy.

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