Why Corporate Gifts are Important for Attracting New Businesses?

  • By Sarah
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    The big brands, which are always in the limelight, spend millions of dollars for the promotions, corporate gifts and marketing activities. Their marketing budgets are so huge that they even bear the cost of expensive advertisements. Although, the aim of each marketing campaign is to find the actual market, but sometimes, the mistake of expectation can be generated, but for big names, it is not an issue.

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    The problem is for those business organizations which have smaller budgets of marketing and promotional activities. The decision to get the advantage of this small budget, there is a need to keep the things simple and try to find out easier ways of marketing.

    Our recommended and calculated answer for you is to impress your potential customers and new markets with promotional products. PPAI report of 2015 tells us that this marketing activity gives the chance to the businessman to increase the business more than 50%. These products give you the opportunity to stay in front of the eyes of the customers and they will definitely try to use the product in any case. In some cases, these products are used as an incentive to those who are largely participating in the profit generation for the organization.

    Corporate Gifts – Promotions Vs Marketing

    The world has been cluttered with promotional activities so the small business organizations are trying to attract the crowd with some of the box promotional products and corporate gifts give them a way through which they can clinch their share of the market. These products engage more and more people due to the physical existence. These products give the option to the customer to use it, share it and invite others to be the part of this campaign. As these products have logos and product name so the recognition of the product is established.

    The importance of the corporate gifts is described by the Australian Promotional Products Association who claim that 76% of the recipients use the name of the company and product name at different occasions by showing these tangible products. The survey also suggests that 52% people that these products make an impression of them so they try to prefer the business products of the same company during the shopping. These statistics prove that corporate gifts have the major contribution for the promotion and new businesses and individuals involve to check the products and services of the particular organization.

    The major concern in the whole discussion is the distribution of the promotional products. It is very important to send these items in the right hands from where your organization can extract some juice and achieve the required results. The range of these products has now increased on a large scale and printing companies are providing more and more options to their customers as new items create more attraction among the users.

    We can quote the example, in favor of our arguments, of HBF, which is a health insurance provider who distributed plastic hand fans among the attendants of musical event where there was a heat out there. This product gave a huge advantage to the company due to the unique idea presented by HBF.

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