Print MIS – Import Customers, Subscribers, Inventory & Users

You can import Clients, Suppliers, Inventory, Web Store Users and Newsletter subscribers into MyPRINTCloud’s print MIS to speed up the setup process.

To IMPORT Clients into Webstores, Populate this spreadsheet as per the examples provided, ensure all information is correct.

** NOTE** you must save your file as a PIPE “|” delimited text file, to do this you must be operating a windows based machine and follow this procedure.   Saving a Pipe Delimited File

Company Contacts Import Format in Print MIS – Click Here

Importing New Customers in print MIS

To import into a store, open up the store, click on users and addresses and click import.

To IMPORT CRM customers and suppliers, download and populate this spreadsheet.

Company Contacts, Suppliers Import format – Click Here


To IMPORT Inventory download this spreadsheet, populate it with content and email it to your account manager from MyPRINTCloud.

Inventory Import format in Print MIS – Click Here