How to motivate your staff for the positive change?

The future is online. It’s a bold statement but true. Today more and more people prefer shopping for their product and services online and from the convenience of their homes, office or when they are on the move. The increasing importance of the internet, its immediacy and ease of access is no different for the print industry. Having your own online print store is affordable and simpler than you think, giving you an important new channel for winning new business.

This newsletter emphasizes on the importance of going ONLINE with your print business. Before you embark on a web presence for your print business, it is essential to analyse if your staff is ready for the BIG change? Your primary action should be to motivate them by educating them about the advantages of an online print store and the way print is moving more digitally. Transitions are always hard to take for almost anyone and if you hesitate in taking this decision, you will end up losing your customers with your competition beating you to the punch.

Get MORE Online

The internet with every passing day is gaining huge importance in areas of advertising, marketing, and delivery of information. Most business sectors have gone online, so why shouldn’t PRINT!

Even when consumers need to shop offline, they still do online research. 78% of consumers use search engines to find new products and services. This is why getting found online and having a great business website is crucial to increasing traffic, leads and sales.

By going online, you not only publish and announce your special offers and discounts but you can analyse consumer behaviour such as what, how and when customers interact with your website. You can easily recommend buyers with additional products and services using up selling technique, thus increasing profitability for your business.

Online print ordering must involve an experience which is quick, easy to use and navigate and more transparent for the customer. When print buyers order on your storefront, the workflow begins at a customers’ desktop, phone or tablet, in turn saving you labour time and reducing cost for your company.

Going online requires printers to move from traditional printing and adopt web to print technology. Doing this has increasingly transferred customer’s value from manufacturing to the convenience of order entry. Today, customers aren’t choosing printers based on quality anymore that is something they look forward to already. They are choosing online print companies based on how easy it is to order and have items delivered at their doorstep.

The amount of time customers spend ordering conventionally, offline, is much more as compared to an online print stores. In an Online Workflow, customers view prices for each product and have the freedom to compare your price offerings with that of your competitors. This makes the purchasing decision easier for them and adds value to you because you’re now competing with the other online players.  Imagine if you weren’t online, then you wouldn’t even get a look in.

With online print stores, the customer finds you through search engines, social media networks and locally by recommendations from other satisfied users. New prospects naturally need to be reassured that you will deliver, a value added product.  The online print store must ooze confidence, maturity and quality.


In the competitive world of Print, where everyone has access to the same traditional technologies, differentiation is necessary. Remember it is the Leader of the organization who sets the tone of the business. A good inspiring leader looks for new and improved ways of doing things, takes consensus of his staff before implementing new strategies and keeps customer satisfaction at foremost priority. Communication is a key player for pursuing a change within a business. Thus, make a firm decision by going online and going digital. It’s not as complicated as people say it is.

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