Healthcare Sector – The Paramount Vertical for Printers

  • By Sarah
  •   MPC, Printing Industry

    health-careThe advent of print technology has allowed Printers to have a significant impact on productivity and efficiency of various service sectors such as healthcare, education and retail. In our last blog post, we talked about how Printers can augment productivity of retail sector. Today we dedicate our discussion to how Printers can serve to boost productivity and efficiency in healthcare sector.

    All the players in healthcare industry encounter major document management challenges everyday. They have massive print requirements to carry on daily operations. The document management in healthcare sector is quite sensitive as it needs to be handled very confidentially so as to ensure compliance with healthcare regulations and HIPAA.

    With rise in expenses all around, hospitals need to cut cost on everything they can. By embracing technology, they can bring down print expenses to a great extent. This brings major opportunity for Printers to serve healthcare sector. With web to print backed technology, Printers can support data printing, security and sharing from patient admission desk and prescription labels to printing of staff ID cards and patient files.

    Partnering with Printers not only reduce cost but can also add to efficiency and productivity of hospitals enabling them to extend better care to patients. Healthcare institution are highly recommended to partner with Printers to get their documents ready on time and in perfect manner eliminating any health risk that may result due to misprinting or wrong printing.

    The partnership between Printers and healthcare institutions can bring fruitful results for both parties. Here are some of the main benefits that healthcare institutions can reap while Printers can get a nonstop revenue stream.

    Health Management Care

    Having access to patient’s documents and records right on time give healthcare professional’s ability to serve patients with the best health management care.  Having ready printed records allows better coordination thereby eradicating any ambiguity that may exist due to wrong or missing print.

    Better Information Workflow

    Partnering with a technology backed Printer lowers the cost of printing, reduces overhead expenses and brings efficiency by reducing the manual work and streamlining workflow.


    A Printing solution completely eliminates chances for any medical error thereby enhancing the ability of healthcare institutions to extend safe, secure and cost effective patient care services. Moreover, with restricted controls, only specified users can access the information rejecting any chance of data theft or misuse.

    Cloud & flexibility

    All the latest printing solutions, web to print and Print MIS systems are cloud based allowing easy and uninterrupted access to documents anywhere any time.  Healthcare institutions partnered with Printers can access any document and order print job anytime. Simply, with a cloud-based web to print, there are no delays.

    Partnering with Printers having web to print technology can enhance productivity and efficiency of hospital’s administration. A well-managed document printing system can boost healthcare industry in terms of enhancing patient care and reducing operational expenses.

    MyPRINTCloud is a comprehensive web to print system that enables Printers to provide managed print services to healthcare sector.

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