Get Unlimited Control on Corporate Stores With MyPRINTCloud!

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    Corporate stores or private customer storefronts are B2B websites that are tailored to a specific customer, normally a corporation on a specific vertical market such as a franchise.  The key distinguishing factor between a Retail and corporate store is control.  Retail stores are used to attract new anonymous users that order infrequently and want full control on their designs.  Whereas, corporate stores are used by known end users that can order products only with strict guidelines on brand and marketing.

    Corporate micro sites allow authorized users, such as employees or suppliers to log in securely and then view, order and design products specific to their organization depending on their user access level.  Strong branding and design policies can be enforced at the user role level and checks can be applied to approve orders at various stages before the order is actually ready for production or delivery.  Corporate storefronts URL links are normally kept private or distributed to an authorized list of end users.

    Web 2 print solutions such as that of MyPRINTCloud allows customers to create unlimited storefronts each custom-made to the needs of individual customers.

    Key Features

    • Custom Skins to match corporate identity
    • Corporate templates with strong editing restrictions – Designer modes
    • Digital Asset Management – Corporate Logos and Images
    • Workflow processes – Auto Push orders to suppliers
    • Order Management
    • User Management
    • Inventory Control
    • Shipping
    • Check Out Options

    Custom Skins in Web to Print Solution

    Each corporate store can be customized to match the customers branding.  With full CSS access to MyPRINTCloud store editor, users can quickly create elegant themes with responsive user interfaces that suit customer’s requirements. Choose a skin from our library of pre-designed templates and customize it to match your requirements using advanced CSS controls or alternatively, you can upload your own artwork and create a unique web store template.

    How to…

    Choose the color palette that matches the corporate brand of your customer or upload your own designed template.

    Tip: Apply a plain background or a corporate background image and apply to all corporate pages.


    Corporate Background in Web 2 Print Solution


    • Select your page preferences and edit CSS to customize the look of your webstore.

    Customize CSS in Web 2 print solution


    Digital Asset Management of Corporate Storefront

    MyPrintCloud’s cloud-based corporate web to print site gives you the ability to store corporate digital assets such as logos, brochures, and corporate documents, etc. and make them available and editable to known end users.  At the same time, you can also specify access levels and allow certain users to access and change images & content on certain products.

    •  Whether it is a commonly used image or variations of your Logo, you can store them for future use when building your
    • Restrict users from uploading images or changing logos and positions
    • Mask text input fields to ensure consistency of information.


    Ensure Consistency in Web Based Print Solution


    •  Share images and logos across users and products in each store.


    Share Logos in MyPrintCloud Solution


    •   Store Documents or Brochures for easy access. Update, make changes and store them all in one convenient place with easy access to all authorized users.


    Print Order Management

    MyPRINTCloud corporate store allows your customers to easily manage orders to delivery.  Each Order generates a Job ticket with change specifications, shipping information and Job Status.  User Notes and Production notes can be added at any stage of the Order management and Shop floor data collection can be displayed in real time to production, sales staff and or end users.


    Print Order Management System

    Print Order MIS

    Designer Modes

    MyPRINTCloud corporate store templates have five design modes to restrict the end user’s design and editing capabilities such as cropping images, auto populate images and perform text editing and uploads.  These restrictions can be applied both on user and template level.

    Merging variable data from the Users CRM Details can make design and/or personalization of templates quick and efficient. At the same time, it also enforces corporate policies. On proof, the system generates press-ready PDF file once the document is approved.


    Designer Mode in Web to Print Solution

    User & Department Policies

    MyPRINTCloud provide users with a unique username and password to access the corporate store control panels.  Administrators can create additional users, manage inventory, check orders and much more. The inbuilt CRM tool lets you manage the access rights for each user and implement different user and department policies.


    Policy Making in print management solution


    Web Based Workflow Process

    MyPRINTCloud corporate store enables you to define the order approval workflow. Administrators can specify which users can review and approve orders. Automatic email notifications can be set and sent to approving authorities to expedite production.


    User Management in Web 2 Print Software

    With MyPRINTCloud corporate store, unlimited user accounts can be managed easily. Corporate store end users accounts can be imported through

    • LDAP Active directories
    • Spreadsheets
    • Keying in one at a time.
    • Self register and approved by administrators one at a time.

    Keep track of who ordered and what ordered, associate product with users. Moreover, end users can be grouped together for management reporting on ordering trends.

    user management in print management solution

    Inventory Control

    MyPRINTCloud corporate store allows printers to manage and control inventory. They can view current inventory level, order more inventory on low stock triggers, assess the need for more inventory, add vendors, and perform other inventory management actions.


    Shipping Options in Web Based Print Solution

    Each Corporate store can have multiple shipping options including tracking shipping with Fed Ex and UPS.  Management can view which Orders are due for shipping and schedule orders for shipping with split deliveries or single drop.


    shipping opton in web based print solution


    Check-out Options

    MyPRINTCloud corporate store provides secure checkout options as well as “Order on Account” by End user level. This means each store can have the policy to “Pay on Account” BUT specific end users must pay online using a credit card or PayPal. Once the payment is confirmed, automatic confirmation emails are sent to the end users and sales/production staff.  At this stage Upselling other products can be scheduled with a marketing email series.

    For more info on Corporate Store features of MYPRINTCloud- see here