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    Once the fundamental change in thinking, on part of Printers has taken place, it’s time to move on to the real implementation and get live with the new software solution. This is indeed a difficult part because it demands all individuals in an organization to give up traditional way of doing things and adapt to new way of shipping print. Undoubtedly, change takes time, energy and persistence. Moving your printing business online is not a small change. Do not let fears of unknown become the cause of delayed launch. 

    Test Run your Online Print Store

    It is wise to begin the launch of the online print store in phases, starting with your first pilot run as soon as possible. The best way to start is to have someone who is less technical, test run the system. This person gets in the customer’s shoes and walks through the entire process of order submission to final delivery. Doing this, will give you good insight on turnaround time taken for each job request made by the customer.

    Do not wait too long to make the first launch, as the completion of the entire complex system with large range of products and full functionalities will take its due course and time.

    Teething Problems and their Solutions

    When implementation starts, it is common to find blocking factors as a result of poor technology execution in the start. Some initial challenges and techniques on how to deal with them are listed below:

    Getting found online

    Your first real pilot system goes live, however there is not much traffic on the site. The main purpose of going online was to win new business prospects. Just like a physically located shop needs to figure out a way for people to come to their shop and buy something, an online print store must be located easily by potential customers. If no one knows about your website, you will never sell anything. It is essential to market your online print store so that your potential customers can find you easily on the internet.

    An online store must be designed such that it can be discovered, analyzed and indexed by various search engines making it visible to the world using the SEO techniques.

    Simple and convenient User Experience

    The main aim of a web to print storefront is to provide a pleasant experience to customers with functionalities such as Templates catalogue, Shopping carts, Design tools, Order and Payment processing system. An efficient web to print store should be created, keeping in mind, the user experience, where ease and convenience of buyers is most important. Reduce the number of steps for the buyer and you will find more purchases and better ROI for your print store.

    Adoption of existing customers to new way of shipping print

    Even though, you have launched your web to print solution, you will continue to come across customers who prefer to submit their requests through email and FTP. Arrange a meeting with these customers and educate them on the benefits of this new way of shipping print. Highlight the reduction of labor and time in a self service system as compared to manual ordering process.

     Prioritizing customers and moving ahead in time

    The whole purpose of going online was to change the way you interact with your customers. Web to print is about providing easy ordering solution for customers. This is only achieved when you stay ahead of customers. This is even more important than staying ahead of your competitors. You must find a way to understand where your customers plan to go in the future and look for solutions to problems that they may not have even anticipated yet.

    Remember! The web to print solution is primarily employed to automate the printers’ business, but it is important to keep in mind, that the end user is the customer. A good web to print software helps Printers in simplifying their online print ordering and tracking process and offers personalized experience to their customers. The more your system is easy and convenient for your customers, the greater are the chances of your success.

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