Get Creative with MyPRINTCloud’s New PDF Designing tool

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    For any web2print solution, an online designer is one of the main components for that beautiful customer ordering experience. An intuitive interface with extensive personalization abilities is what customers expect from a web to print or print ecommerce website. Basically customers shouldn’t have to feel they are actually doing the design work for you, it should be a fun and easy experience for customers to design and proof at the time of placing an order.

    Giving the customers freedom to customize and proof at the same time makes the buying process more instant and quick. The innovative personalizing process of signed in users credentials is the key to a seamless and fun design and ordering experience with MyPRINTCloud’s print ecommerce platform.

    Using HTML 4 and HTML 5 coding methods for universal device appeal, MyPRINTCloud’s enhanced and powerful online designer is created to allow even greater control with sensible transitions to indicate an action has been applied. It is targeted to give users more flexibility in designing and exploring their creativity making the whole process of ordering an enjoyable engagement.

    With the new Designer tool, it is much easy to incorporate fonts, colors, drag & drop SVG illustrations and images into your designs. Your free 14 day trial instance is delivered with thousands of templates across +30 products lines such as business cards, flyers/leaflets, Greeting cards, Posters, Events & exhibitions, and brochures.  System administrators can create their own template libraries with their own design themes.

    This post will walk you through our new HTML 5 PDF Designer tool, compatible on all modern browsers and tablet devices.

    Let’s see the tools that offer an exciting designing experience to our customers through an example of editing business card template to show you some key features of the new online designer.

    Fun and Easy Design Experience

    On launching the designer tool for designing a business card (Retail Store mode), the page shows the templates tab opened.


    • Select a business card template you like and the Canvas will update with your choice of design to start customizing.
    • Start tweaking the design by clicking on any object. You’ll see the panels on the left change according to the type of object you have just clicked on.

    Edit Template object

    The designer is loaded with extensive editing options. The following illustrations will help you learn more about the extensive features of the MyPRINTCloud’s online designer.
    Quick Text:
    With this feature, you can quickly add and save the necessary text fields such as name, title, company name, address, Phone, Email, Website, and Company Message, to your design.

    The fun of designing lies here. Click the Add tab and you will have list of options to explore. You can


    • Upload

    Upload any picture, template or design element. Click the button, choose the file from your system and the picture is right on your canvas.

    • Add Text

    You can add text on separate layers and choose as heading, sub-title or body text as per your preference. Each text object is easy to adjust with simple drag and drop.


    •  Images:

    You can add any picture, shape, or logo to your design. Simply click the picture button and select what you want to add your design.  You can add:

    • Free Images
    • My Images
    • Template Images
    • Upload images in CMYK, JPEG or PDF format in any of the category
    • Search images


    • Shapes

    You can add rectangular or circular shapes to your design.


    • CRM

    Clicking this button allows user to drop CRM field onto the canvas which will be replaced with the logged in users credentials whilst editing and designing.  This will allow end users to enter in less information and also apply company policies for editing and formatting.

    • Text list

    From here, you can choose text from a pre defined list of choices for the field e.g. Dr. Mr. Miss etc…

    • Upload font

    This allows you to upload any font and use in your design.


    With this feature, you can

    • Change the background image
    • Change the background color
    • Use the inbuilt background images
    • Use template background
    • Clear the background image
    • Upload your own background images
    • Search background images



    Every design element and text is on a separate layer that makes editing too easy. Each layer is named according to the element it contains. For example, the layer containing the circular shape is named as ellipse object.  Moving layers up or down will bring these elements to for foreground or background.


    Edit the Object Layer

    To edit the object layer, click the respective layer and you can

    • Crop image
    • Change color
    • Rotate right or left
    • Change position
    • Change object size
    • Delete the item
    • Enable “Lock Position”
    • Enable “Make Overlay Layer”
    • Enable “Print Object on PDF”
    • Enable “Allow End User to Change Formatting”
    • Bring object to front, bring object a step forward, bring object a step backward, send object to back
    • Click “Help” to get assistance in using the design tool.


    Edit the Text Layer

    To edit the object layer, click the respective layer and you can

    • Change font size, type, alignment and style
    • Use UK keyboard
    • Rotate left/right
    • Send CRM Verification
    • Enable “Lock position”
    • Enable “Make overlay layer”
    • Enable “Print object on PDF”
    • Enable “Allow end user to change formatting”
    • Bring text to front, bring text a step forward, bring text a step backward, send text to back
    • Delete the item
    • Click “Help” to get assistance in using the design tool.

    Other Options:

    Apart from the above mentioned features, the online designer allows certain other tweaks. You can

    • Zoom in/out
    • Hide bleed and trim lines
    • Flip the card sides

    Once you are done with design, click Proof to generate a pdf. Mark the confirm spellings check box to confirm the design and click next to place the order. Done!

    Thus, MyPrintCloud’s new HTML 5 Designer provides an intuitive and feature rich interface to your web store for customers to work in conjunction with thousands of templates (custom, corporate and retail).

    To experience it yourself, give it a try here and do let us know comments below.