Focus less on sales and more on customers’ needs

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    With all manual plugs eliminated successfully from your Web to print system, it is now time to launch your Sales team to start selling your solution. Before you do that, you should address the following key points:

    • Create a Sales Program from first Call to Closure
    • Have a Sales Representative go through a basic demonstration of your online ordering system

    Customer Need

    Sales Cycle from first call to closure

    This sales cycle identifies the steps, sales representatives must take to pull the right leads down to their sales funnel and convert them successfully into buying customers. Here it must be kept in mind, that the old strategy of hammering customers into buying is obsolete. Today, you need to win customers’ trust and confidence by ensuring them that you’re more interested in meeting their needs rather than in making a sale.

    Walk a mile in customers’ shoes

    In order for you to effectively sell solutions, you must understand your customer and what problem your customer is trying to solve. Get into conversation with customers and answer the following questions like what does your customer do with what you print for them? And where does the printed piece go after it leaves your shop? Understanding all of these things can help you figure out how to get new business—and even keep old business. Printers today need to develop a higher level of involvement with customers’ business, more than had ever been the case in the past. Customers aren’t choosing printers based on quality anymore that is, something they look forward to already. Today customers’ value has transferred from manufacturing to convenience of order entry.

    Have a sales person run through the solution before making the sale

    It is best to have a sales person go through your system from order to invoice and be confident at handling your solution. If your sales people can’t figure your solution out, chances are your customers aren’t going to be able to either. The Self service and On Demand features of an online ordering system have to be seamless for users, to accept this new way of interacting with your business. Sales people should have good knowledge on how going online will benefit the customers and how Web to Print can provide opportunities for them.

    Seek to understand your customers’ total costs

    Indulge in positive conversation about your customers’ business to understand how you can help them better and make them winners among their competitors. Find answers to questions like, what are your customers’ cost centers, particularly those that involve the processes that happen before and after a job is printed? Are there ways in which you can help alleviate some of those costs by performing those tasks as part of the printing process less expensively than the customer is getting them from a third party? EXPLAIN YOUR SOLUTION, highlighting all the wonderful benefits that will result from your solution. Identify the customer’s objectives, strategy, decision process, time frames, etc. and position your ideas, products, or solutions to satisfy those needs.

    Define boundaries for sales people

    From day one, define the limits for Sales People. Irrespective of how configurable your system is, usually to make a sale, these people commit to any change made within the original system to accommodate all kinds of requirements put up by customers. This generally happens when no boundaries have been defined and sales people are focusing too much on making the sale. Don’t let them make a statement like “we can do anything for you” at any stage.

    Divide your sales team

    You may have better success with sales if you group your sales team into two: one that works to bring new business by making sales call and other that takes cultivated leads and turns them into successful sales. Have both teams explain how your printing company has helped dozens of other customers in moving business online with web to print. Educate them to constantly check, if they are right on Target and not wasting their time by investing in a customer who simply does not want to move online.

    Printers spend too much money and time trying to compete with their competitors to get more print jobs, and too little time and money understanding their customers and the directions in which they are headed. Stay ahead of the customers by focusing on their needs and ignore your competitors!

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