Some Features You Can’t Do Without in Web to Print Solutions

  • By Mihir Shah
  •   Web to Print

    Web to Prints makes one of the most talked about topics in the market at this point. A coinage of direct marketing, this term has been revolutionizing the market across different horizontals since its first day. Web to print solution providers are actively advertising their platforms, but in all honestly, what does one such platform comprise? Most people know it for an ecommerce storefront that people can visit to buy personalized printed products. While it is a software, it better not be the type that only looks good on paper. Take a look at some elementary features that every Web to Print platform should have.

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    Easy to Use

    Not everyone is a technical master and that is why you need a system that is easy to use. No one has the time to read PDFs burning the midnight oil to know how a platform, you just paid for, works, much utilizing it to its full potential. It is only in the abilities of top Web to print solution providers to be able to design a product that is simple to use, especially in the areas of customization, traffic flow and order processing.

    Above Average Adoption Performance

    Stats say that most users report a 5% adoption rate. You need something that is above 5. Anything between 5 and 10% is decent. Only the market leading providers have the acumen and caliber to ensure that their services are availed to their best potentials. So, they offer suggestions and portfolios carrying sales collaterals like mails, emails, brochures, website designs and whatnot.

    No Extra Features Please

    A lot of feature may sound like a good return for all that money you are pitching in, but it is not. You have no businesses working with a bunch of convoluted external features that make no to little impact on the overall design and print. You need something simple, something that has more useful features than extraneous ones. The lesser the features are, the better you can utilize them to attain the results you set out at. A program with 50 features is dispensable, but those with only 5 to 10 calls for lesser confusion. The best Web2Print Storefront Solutions involve less and more useful features.

    Customer Care and Support Service

    The top-notch providers segregate their customer service into two for better focus. They have a department for corporate-level admins and another for end-users. So, depending on which category you fall under, you can approach for help. Even when you are using pretty simple and easy to use software, getting a hiccup every now and then is inevitable. Support is the first thing you need at that point, and it should be ready at hand.