How to Differentiate your Print Business?

balls-1015628_960_720With a fierce competition in print industry, it is inevitable for printers to differentiate themselves among the crowd of print service providers. Today’s customers are more demanding whether it comes to print, technology or any other industry. Other than the print services, they want something more that adds value to their business. Only those print companies will be successful in future who would go beyond customer expectations and provide them with something that adds value

How to Differentiate?

Now the point is how print service providers can differentiate themselves. What should they do to stand out from the crowd?

Careful analysis of print business can reveal many opportunities for printers to capitalize on. The most common of these are differentiation through verticals and through workflow. Let’s see how these strategies can benefit printers in building a unique edge.

Differentiation Through Verticals

The print companies backed by a strong technology infrastructure – web to print system- can diversify into a lot of other verticals. The Print MIS equips printers with the tools and technology they require to diversify into different verticals. They can choose any paper intensive niche and provide specialized services.  With the ability to remotely serve the clients with enhanced efficiency and fast turnaround, they would be able to get into large and long-term service contracts with the players in the industry.

Focusing on vertical markets can bring fruitful results for printers. With B2B corporate stores, printers can easily diversify into verticals. For instance,

  • Legal affairs industry is one such paper intensive industry with extreme print needs. The law firms have large volume requirements and require restricted document management systems to ensure confidentiality. Having a web to print system, printers can successfully support law firms with their print services and fulfill all their requirements.
  • Similarly, healthcare sector, where compliance and confidentiality is big concern, is another big opportunity for printers. From patient files to billing vouchers, and to maintain every other single record, they require managed print services. In the same sector, printers can also target pharmaceuticals as they too have heavy printing needs.
  • Education is another sector that presents big opportunity for printers. From printing of books, notebooks, worksheets, and graphical stuff, printers can truly reap benefits by providing specialized print services.

Differentiation Through Workflow

Workflow differentiation requires printers to deeply understand the client’s workflow and determine solutions to remove the loop holes and optimize the workflow. The sole purpose of optimization is to fulfill clients’ requirements in a quick, perfect and cost effective manner.

For workflow optimization, printers may have to look for third party workflow solutions integration with the client’s back end system.  But with web to print system, they don’t need to look for third party vendors, as it allows them to remotely monitor and control the client’s workflows.

Helping customers in saving money is essential for success in print business. This is only possible if you have a technology backed print infrastructure – a comprehensive web to print solution and Print MIS. This helps in creating a differentiating point and building that unique edge which attract buyers and customers.

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