Customer Retention with Gift Vouchers and Upselling

160_F_67216836_Pi3oPTwey6Skk9Kyiel9cJWvxMzE1ClHWeb to Print and Cloud Computing has evolved rapidly in recent times with technology now mature enough to enhance almost every phase of an online print business.

Having an eCommerce print store with a simple shopping cart is not enough anymore. It must be accompanied with an innovative sales strategy to retain existing customers and acquire new customers. This is where MyPRINTCloud creates a difference for printers unable to invest tens of thousands on their online and marketing strategy. MyPRINTCloud offers printers, print management and design houses the ability to devise sale strategies that not only retains existing customers but helps them in acquiring the new ones.

Acquiring new customers and retaining the existing customers is one of the major challenges for traditional print businesses. Pertaining to the fact that retaining existing customers has more untapped potential benefit and greatly reduces cost as compared to acquiring new customers. In fact customer retention automatically paves the way to acquire new customers through word of mouth or viral marketing.

Following are some of MyPRINTCloud’s features can help print companies to increase their customer base and to build customer loyalty.

Market Your eCommerce Store Promotional Campaigns with Discount Offers

Provoking customers to buy from you is a must online and critical to make it easy to do so. Provide your customers with exciting opportunities to keep going for more and more. Offer your customers discount vouchers and gift cards to market your promotional campaigns and incite them to place more orders with your print store. Gift vouchers around seasonal holidays has often proved to be popular and inviting.

  • Launch promotion that rewards customers by offering gift cards and discount vouchers.
  • Multiple options to set discount values. You can opt to set a percentage or by a fixed value of an order amount.
  • Restrict discount codes for specific customers through user ID. Define the expiry dates to set the validity period.
  • Set up coupons for premium customers on pre-defined conditions and configure them for single or multiple use.
  • All the coupons created are saved automatically. Enable the coupon to use whenever you want.
  • Easy to use admin panel for efficient coupon / discount management. View, edit, delete or update the coupon anytime.
  • Choose to schedule campaigns based on events or time and action triggers.
  • Inbuilt email delivery system with attractive templates to keep your customers updated with the latest offerings and promotions.

Ultimately, with MyPRINTCloud you can keep customers coming back all year round by offering a selection of promotional and discount vouchers.

Upsell – Suggest Related Products or Services at Checkout

Upselling is one of the most effective strategies to keep customers informed of other products / services you sell and get them to stay longer on your website. Upselling is an important part of the sales strategy and shouldn’t be ignored. Offer customers with more options with matching designs, alternative sizes or complimentary products to whats in their cart already. Or simply show what other people who ordered the same product also purchased. For effective upselling, MyPRINTCloud has following special features.

  • Show Upsell products and services on the Cart Page and on invoice receipts
  • Attach vouchers and discounts with other related products to encourage upselling.
  • Utilize the inbuilt CRM and keep customers up to date with special offers and promotions of related products.
  • Generate Email Newsletter based on related, recommended and the most popular items.

Create unlimited online store fronts with MyPRINTCloud’s extensive range of products & themes in retail business and consumer web stores.  Customers have options to choose from the 6000+ stock layouts or upload their own artwork.  Keep it simple – Create separate store fronts with their own Domain names that only promote a few products with few options.  Make the process restrictive in offerings and get people to checkout easier with less options to deviate from.

MyPRINTCloud web2print solution in combination with Print MIS has all core ingredients to retain exiting and acquire new customers.

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