Controlled Print Communication and its Benefits

web to print software solutionYou are running a retail, healthcare or an educational franchise and you lag behind in almost every aspect of your business. Your customers are annoyed because of unwanted delays or poor presentation.

For instance, a customer contacts you for a product or service and you failed to send him a quick quotation. If by anyways you get a contract with customer but fail to deliver, send late invoice, deliver poor packaging and so on. All these things depict your incompetency to deal with customers. You may have a strong product to offer, but unless you streamline your day to day operations, you will never be able to win and retain customers.

Poor Print Management is the top most reason behind all these problems.

You are in need of a controlled print communication system.

What is controlled Print communication (Web to Print) system?

A controlled Print communication system is one that is backed with a efficient PrintMIS and web to print solution. If you deal in print business, you should adopt web to print technology. If you are a retailer or work in any other industry, outsource your print operation with only that Printer who is technically strong (works through web to print system) to deliver you perfect print services.

You can get following benefits with managed Print operations.

  • With managed print operations, you get the facility of ordering print, file transfer, and proofing right from your desk to the print service provider. It provides you an efficient way to manage orders without visiting the Printer.
  • A web to print system is an easy to use system for effective variable printing and print on-demand solution. It gives you maximum control to get the desired output. You can either give your artwork, take from the pre-designed templates, or customize templates to create the desired artwork. The print job is processed only after your approval, eliminating any chance for errors and wastage.
  • A web to print system simplifies workflow by removing bottlenecks. As soon as order is received, you are triggered to make changes as per specifications, let the customer approve and forward the print job. The order management system is linked with the real time inventory management system that automatically generates confirmations, invoices, usage reports, order tracking numbers, inventory reports, and more.
  • A web to print system is more than a print solution. It is an effective marketing tool that lets you maintain your company brand across all your communication channels. It lets you keep a complete record of all the customers and keep them updated with new offers and discount vouchers.

This is how a controlled print communication system  can contribute greatly in making your business a successful entity. Book a demo to try MyPRINTCloud web to print and Print MIS solution to practically experience the difference it can produce in your business and that too at the most reasonable price.