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    In today’s world, selecting the right technology solution is vital for the automation of print production process. Print managers are well aware that tracking processes manually and gathering data in an unorganized way can no longer meet their needs. With these out-dated practices it has become impossible to see the bigger picture and acquire significant information in timely manner.

    The print industry like other markets is greatly populated with innumerable independent technology vendors catering to small and medium-sized printing businesses. It is important to keep yourself objective when going through the vendor evaluation process. It is easy to get swayed by an impressive product demonstration or an eloquent sales representative.

    Additionally, if you’re looking for too many features in one solution, it will only end up making things too complex for your customers and people within your organization. Most products are highly featured laden which is why those who master simplicity mostly win.

    Read below some important factors that all Printers must keep in mind when choosing a web to print solution that fits their business needs best:

    Ease of use

    Usability or ease of use refers how well users can understand and use the product to achieve their goals. It is essential to have your current customers both including (B2B and B2C) take trial of the product before you buy it. Have a layman test the product. He will come out to be the best judge for your final purchasing decision.

    Evaluate your partner

     Know your partner or vendor before getting into any kind of deal. Most vendors will give you a list of their “best” users as references. These references will usually know two or three other companies using the solution – companies that are not on the vendor’s list.  Use these names and call them up. This second tier of references (references of references) will provide additional insight into the vendor’s products and services. Also try and find references yourself in order to better evaluate your future partner.

    Architecture & Stability

     New, untested solutions and those built without the backing of a solid software development methodology tend to present the user with an on-going barrage of software bugs and design flaws. Software architecture is an important part of defining how the solution is organized (relationship between major entities such as customers, products, printing workflows, payment modes etc) and how the solution integrates with other technologies. Make sure you keep a vigilant eye on all these critical factors when choosing a solution for your print business. 

    Growth Potential

    Ensure that your vendor or solution provider meets your needs today and provides expansion prospects for your business future. This includes ability to integrate with third party products and services like JDF-based integration, CIM and e-business tools.

    Training and Support

    It is important to understand that training your staff is critical to smooth running of your business, because ultimately it is your staff that will be responsible for every good and bad. Choose advanced on-site trainings where your vendor gives sufficient time to equip your trainees with the required skills.

    In addition to this, your solution provider must be available for support 24/7, be it a simple query or grave issue at hand. While selecting the right technology solution for your company, see on-line help and support options offered by providers. Just like having a flexible and scalable solution is important for a good business foundation, a reliable and quick to respond support is equally critical to make you a winner.

    While making vendor your partner, evaluate closely if their solution has the capability to withstand all weathers. Keep your focus above the feature level because your customers value usability over features.

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