Tutorial 5 – How to Create a Product?

The first step in adding content to your stor is first to create the category structure. These are the folders users will logically need to navigate in order to find the products they are looking for.

Start by adding a category. Click add category.

creating categories

  •  Category Name:This is the name of the category that customers will see, i.e. Stationary, Marketing, Banners and Promotional Items
  • Parent Category:Top level categories are displayed when the user logs in. To place a category within another category, select the required category from this menu. Placing a category within a top level category creates a sub category.
  • Is this Shelf Product Category:Select this option if you offer the same product but with different sizes or options, for example this option would work well for t-shirts where sizes S, L, XL, XXL are listed as different products to add to cart.
  • Enable Category:This enables the category to be used via a Webstore or an offline estimate i.e. a CSR creates an estimate for the customer. If the category is disabled you cannot access or view the products from within your dashboard or store.
  • Publish on Web store:This enables the category within the corporate store, enabling this option will make it visible to users within the specified territory.


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