Tutorial 1 – Quick Start List

  • By mpc
  •   Quick Start Guide

    Below is our recommendation on the order in which tasks should be carried out when deploying EVERY Store.

    1. Read through the Web to Print Implementation Strategy series (MPC Blog).

    2. Localize your system – Organization and Regional Settings.

    • Personalize all System Email content
    • Create System Roles and System Users
    • Set or Modify System Flag names to be used in the MIS modules
    • Modify System workflow options
    • Import contacts info into the CRM section
    • Create 20 of your most used Paper stock lines in Inventory
    • Create your Cost Centers
    • Create your Presses, Copiers and Plotters
    • Set System Start numbers

    3. Identify WHO you are creating a Store for and then set the Stores mode to Retail (Public Users) or Corporate (Private Users) mode. This is fundamental on your approach to everything else for that Store.

    • Plan Product Catalogs and Product Categories per Store.
    • Create Store CRM Variables per Store
    • Create Store Smart forms per Store
    • Create your Products per Store
    • Bind Product Categories to Template Libraries
    • Design your Store Home Page and Order flow pages ‘Look & Feel’ in Photoshop before recreating in CSS.
    • Decide what Home page Widgets are required and in what arrangement
    • Where to place your Social Marketing links and Rave Reviews
    • Design Home Page banners in Photoshop
    • Design Product Category & Product Thumbnails in Photoshop
    • Create and Personalize Secondary Page content and meta tags information per Store

    4. Practice how to Process Orders from Web Stores and from offline estimates.

    • Create test Inquiries, Estimates and Orders from the MIS
    • Create test Orders from PRIVATE stores and check details in Order Processing Module.
    • Create test Orders from PUBLIC stores and check details in Order Processing Module.
    • Process test Orders, Inquiries and Estimates to Posted Invoices in MIS.