Plan your Strategy

  • By mpc
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    The main challenges of Web to print and going online isn’t the technology, it’s generally the lack of planning and integrating business functions ahead of time.

    System User requirements and preferences can vary from business to business. It’s important to grasp the fundamentals of MyPRINTCloud before executing your Web to Print and MIS implementation strategy.

    Set aside a few hours and familiarize yourself with the following fundamentals. Once you’ve read this guide, spend a couple of hours and sketch out your implementation strategy first.

    Things to consider when planning your strategy are:

    • Stores modes and what URLs you want to use.
    • How would you like to control and restrict your customer experience when placing orders?
    • How will you organize your Product Categories (By product, sizes and Cost Centres)?
    • Can Products be broken down into further Products because of attributes such as material, size and Cost Centers OR should the Product remain as one product name with many additional features?
    • What Press and Cost Center calculation methods you want to employ for working out costs, remembering that the pricing should include a strategic price orientated strategy?
    • Design the look and feel of your Store – Home Page layout with Banner and Product category images with key marketing messages.

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