Fast and Accurate Print Estimates with MyPRINTCloud

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    Print estimating holds a central importance in any Print MIS and web to print solution. Print estimating is complex process which involves logical processes and calculations. Quick and accurate estimating is one of the main features of MyPRINTCloud MIS. It allows you to create, update and send professional estimates to customer.

    The inbuilt pricing matrix allows customers to create basic estimate that can then be customized for a specific customer or project. Users can create complex estimates with multiple sections and signature layouts using arithmetic formula and string cost centres with built-in “If Then Else” capabilities.  Cost centres are created with a powerful scripting language that allows users to create pricing for almost any store order and condition.

    Designed specifically for digital, offset and broker printers, MyPRINTCloud’s print estimating module creates estimates that delivers accurate information both to the customers and your sales reps. The estimates can be formatted before sending out to customers as well as being able to email the same with a single click.

    Here are main points which will shed light on how MyPRINTCloud helps printers in creating quick and accurate estimates:

    Print Estimate Detail

    In the estimating module, we have made it simple to add the estimating details.

    Estimate Header

    The first tab allows users to add general details about the estimates like customer name, address, telephone, estimate title, header, footer, flag, and source, etc.

    print estimate module header

    Estimate Schedule

    The next tab allows users to schedule dates for artwork, files, target print and target bind. Furthermore you can specify the order number, estimate number, sales person and estimate manager.


    Credit Approval

    Here you can specify if the job will be done with or without a credit check. Also specify the date when the official order is created, how much credit limit is set and by whom it is set.


    Order Pipeline Settings

    This tab allows users to specify pipeline settings for the given estimate. It involves product, projection date, source and closing. Management can use this information to get a good idea about where their sales reps are and what could be projected, helping in forecasting more accurately.


    Delivery Schedule

    In this tab, delivery schedule is specified with product, quantity, delivery date and price.


    Sections and Cost-Centers

    An estimate can have multiple products within it.  A Product can have multiple sections within it and a Section can have multiple cost centers. These important components are the basis of formulating an accurate price for print estimating. You can simply click the product and add any cost centers or run the Print Wizard in order to arrive at the final price for the product or section.  Each Product has 6 key elements:

    • Header information: Here you can specify product category, product name and user notes.
    • Product Sections: Calculate costs for different quantities
    • Product Descriptions: Add description to the jobs for this Product
    • Job detail: Add job details such as job code, start time, completion time, job status, etc.
    • Invoice detail: Add invoice description and nominal code for this Product
    • Attachment: Upload the design file for which estimate is created

     Other Options in MyPRINTCloud

    • Users can have estimates for all of their customers saved at one place. To create an estimate again for the same customer, just click the title of that customer, and a basic estimate will appear saving the effort of adding the information again and again.
    • With unparalleled ease of use and accessibility, a simple wizard guides the user through the estimating process and creates the estimate quickly within 1 or 2 minutes.
    • After the estimate is created, generate pdf and print or email to the customers. Keep track of estimates and update status accordingly.
    •  Estimates can be created both for single and multiple quantities taking in account all the factors that can affect the printing cost. Best Press wizards are also incorporated within the estimating wizard to help distinguish if Litho or digital presses are more suitable for this product.
    • Create estimate reports by estimate number, customer name, details, sales person and date.
    • Estimates can be progressed to order, printed, archived, saved or copied for future use. If the job is won, the estimate is forwarded from estimates to Order Management, thus becoming the basis for Job production, planning, scheduling and purchasing.
    • Delivery related information e.g. multiple shipping addresses, split deliveries, quantities of items along with different delivery dates can also be added to the estimate which will later be used for creating delivery notes after job production is completed.
    • At the time of creating any estimate, the Sales or production managers can also input the working instructions, Job card details and Invoice descriptions for later reference or use. This saves time when progressing estimates to orders and ultimately to invoicing.
    • MyPRINTCloud allows sales personnel to customize the print estimates/quotes output reports with customer’s preferred colors and signatures.
    • Get automatic alerts about any missing data or problem with the chosen workflow.
    • Export estimates/invoices to your accounting packages for invoicing such as Sage and MYOB.

    Estimating with MyPRINTCloud is just like creating a blue print for the production of a job and this blue print can easily be reused when an estimate becomes an order and finally into a job. Our intelligent estimating system uses wizards to select the best business processes by helping you better track and manage profitability for your company. Get Started now with MyPRINTCloud.