Tutorial 12 – How to Start on SEO yourself?

To get your Web To Print Store appearing on #1 page on Google organically and locally (as a Non-Ad) for search queries in your town requires simple and regular updates and doesn’t need to cost you anything.

Each one of your +6000 web store pages will have your Company Name, Town, City and Keywords that are context related for Print and Design. This process takes time (allow for 6 months to see regular appearances).

We at MyPRINTCloud.com are working around the clock on initiatives for you but some things we simply can’t do – because you are the Domain Name owner.

The sooner you start marketing your Domain Name locally and correctly with the great FREE resources (see the list below), the sooner you will start seeing traffic increase on your store, independently from what we are also doing behind the scenes for you and other Pink Partners.

Google page #1 for Business Cards & Flyers

Run regular Google Ad Campaigns to appear on page #1 for Business Cards (and soon for Flyers & Leaflets) on Google searches for your area. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t always see yourself. Adjust the times, keyword rates and your daily budget you feel comfortable with.  Google account managers are great for helping and giving some useful tricks.

Try it yourself now. Type in business cards <your town> in Google search and see what comes up and who you are competing with.  Then go and analyse their meta tags.  That is your cue to get started and thinking about content for your new stores.

Don’t worry if you don’t see your Ads immediately.

You may see no ads at all and instead see other printing companies in your area. Register NOW for FREE with Google Places / Maps (www.maps.google.com) and get yourself listed. The process takes approx. 4 weeks with Google and is a great way to be seen on their Maps.

Other things YOU can do now for FREE:

  • Register your Print Business with Google Places – (www.maps.google.com) ** Very Important! 
  • Create a profile for your Print Business with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google Plus – Link them to your web store from your Admin Settings.
  • Create yourself a Google Analytics account to check your web site performance and where your visitors are coming from.
  • Collaborate with a LOCAL Mini Cab operator and/or Restaurant to promote your Domain Name with a SIMPLE message. Work with a local business that delivers cards or leaflets door to door.
  • Submit Your Domain Name to Google WebMaster, Bing and Yahoo
  • Submit Your Domain Name to the Top 10 search engines – google the list online for links.
  • Register on dmoz.org – Open Listing directory
  • Register on Alexa.com – Open Ranking directory
  • Make sure your GEO co-ordinates and Town is correct in your Admin Settings.
  • Send out Monthly Newsletters with your Branding to encourage your Visitors to save their designs online on your Store, send them design tips as a call for action to contact you directly on promotions you may have running at the time.
  • Continuously work with major Search Engines and other portals using white hat tactics for Back Linking, Wheel Building and Social Marketing.
  • Learning, improving and making the end user experience fun.
  • Think about how voucher codes and gift vouchers can boost online orders.
  • Get your Code snippet area for Google, Yahoo and Bing Web Master to give you full Analytic reporting.
  • Modify your Secondary Pages. This is a great way for you to mention your Neighbourhood and the latest Trends in your area. DO NOT over stuff the content with repetitive terms or areas –

SEO Tips for Print Business:

  • Any TRUE SEO and Ad campaign takes time – Plan for a 6 month strategy to start seeing REAL organic traffic and growth.
  • Start promoting your Domain name locally with a local business.

Social media links and Secondary Pages for SEO

If you have Facebook or twitter accounts for this store then enter the links and set the icons.

Customize other Store settings such as Social media links, Store Banners and Themes.

Don’t forget to enter the home page URL link.  This link takes Visitors back to the home page for the Store when they click on the Stores Logo on the Header of any page.

  • Set a Background Image for your Home Page and Secondary Pages
  • Create Secondary Pages