Browser behavior, refreshing and loading data

  • By mpc
  •   Quick Start Guide

    Platform access

    Dashboard Access    

    System Users will require an internet connection. The latest browser versions for Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox are recommended for Windows PC or Mac OS operating systems. Screen Resolution 1024 by 768, SVGA (higher recommended)

    Digital Store Access  

    End Users of Digital stores simply require the recent versions of Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox Browsers. 


    Remember to enable POP UP windows to appear in your browser for the MIS.

    Clear cache

    Always remember to clear your cache when configuring and accessing your Dashboard and Testing stores.

    The MyPRINTCloud Dashboard is a comprehensive enterprise application which runs in a browser.  Applications running in a browser have their limitations and sometimes behave in a different way than conventional client/server desktop applications.

    For example:

    • There may be no right click options within the application.
    • Regularly clear your browser cache and stored web pages. Especially when MyPRINTCloud releases an upgrade.
    • MyPRINTCloud recommends Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome browsers for Mac OX or Windows for best compatibility.
    • The Delete key can take you to the previous page if you have nothing selected. This could result in MyPRINTCloud platform closing the application safely and open the last web page in that browser session. Note, in this event the last screen you were working on, may not have the latest changes.