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March 16, 2017

Web to Print Technology – Top Reasons to Revamp your Print Business

  Digital storefronts and online ordering capability is now a standard for successful printers. Commercial printers cannot afford to lack on this aspect in this era where technology is taking every business to web. It is the need of hour for printers to revamp their print business in consonance with modern technology to increase production and to be more
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March 8, 2017

Controlled Print Communication and its Benefits

  • By Sarah
  •   Print MIS, Web to Print

    You are running a retail, healthcare or an educational franchise and you lag behind in almost every aspect of your business. Your customers are annoyed because of unwanted delays or poor presentation. For instance, a customer contacts you for a product or service and you failed to send him a quick quotation. If by anyways you get a contract
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    February 28, 2017

    Healthcare Sector – The Paramount Vertical for Printers

  • By Sarah
  •   MPC, Printing Industry

    The advent of print technology has allowed Printers to have a significant impact on productivity and efficiency of various service sectors such as healthcare, education and retail. In our last blog post, we talked about how Printers can augment productivity of retail sector. Today we dedicate our discussion to how Printers can serve to boost productivity and efficiency in
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    February 21, 2017

    Printers – Let’s Work with Retailers!

      Ecommerce or online retail sector is growing day by day. Few months back ecommerce growth hit 2 months high as reported by business insider. During second quarter of 2016, ecommerce sales were reported $97 billion presenting 16% year over year growth, as mentioned by US department of ecommerce. So we can anticipate bright prospects in online retail. With
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    February 14, 2017

    Must have features for Printers in Estimating!

    Print estimating is an indispensable function of Managed Print Business. Estimating basically is a complex process that collects job related data and propose a selling price on basis of cost of labor and material for a specific print job or project. Estimating is the foremost step in winning a Print customer. A customer usually prefers to go with the
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